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I hardly use this blog anymore. If I followed you with this blog it's because I actually wanted to follow you from
That's the blog I use. I'm just too stupid to make it my main blog so when I follow people, it shows up here. Pretty much anything I post on here is an accidental post. <3

sammieytastiic said: Did you change your url on your other blog? It wont let me see your page :/ It keeps saying NOT FOUND


I took out the “rayis”!  I forgot to mention it.  I was trying to change stuff on it because people were looking at it that I really DON’T want looking at it.  They still are.  I’m not sure what to do about it.  Hahah. 

I do not use this blog very often.

My main blog is my pregnancy blog:


I am the female buddha belly.  I’m expecting a baby girl due July 22nd.  =)

ramblingsofmommabear-deactivate said: Hey! Thanks for following. I would follow back but you said you use the other blog more So I followed that one. :)

I do use the other one more!  I just can’t figure out how to make it my main blog.  =)





Glucose test:

So here I am waiting to get my blood drawn for the 4th time in three hours… And I get this sharp pain in my arm above the vein they’ve been taking blood from.
Then I look and theres an oval bruise forming above the vein. I asked the technician what it could be. She said that she’s taken blood from the same spot so many times that the closest nerve is pulsing and bruising.
My arm is KILLING me.
So now not only has this test given my a severe headache and nausea but now ive got a quarter sized bruise on my arm that looks like a thumb print and some track marks to top it off.

je-t-adore-s-deactivated2012061 said: ohhh nvm your blog confused me how are you ?

Hahaha.  We’ve had this conversation before, I think.  My blogs are annoying.  I can’t figure out how to make my pregnancy blog my MAIN blog.  I’m doing well!  I don’t have many complaints in this trimester, actually.  It’s nice to only have one bad symptom (back pain.)  Are you so excited to be so close to the finish line?  I thought I was close.  Then I visited your page.  Haha.  How are you feeling?


I do not use this blog.

My main blog has become my pregnancy blog.


I post on that blog everyday, multiple times a day.

Mostly about being pregnant, my life as a young mommy-to-be, my dogs, my interests and my fiance.

If you are a mommy and you followed raylenzdotcom, please follow my other blog instead.  =).

If you want!

Only if you want.  =)

juliaschild said: That sounds nice :) Even if it's not your dream wedding. Are you happy with it? Good luck!!!

SO happy!  Thank you!